Client Stories

HRRC has worked hard to identify the challenges currently facing homeowners and has updated our programs to meet those needs. Here are just a few of the people who have used our services: 

Home How To Class


Holly Green
Home Buyer Class
George & Julia Lenzer
Financial Assistance Program
Judy Polian
Home How-To Program
Bruce Manapace
Tool Loan
Emily Hamburg & Rob Shields
Project Repair Workshops
Lucille Conde
Senior Repair Program
house in foreclosure
Foreclosure Prevention


Karin has an elderly father who has told her throughout her life that she can’t fix her own plumbing (he used to be a plumber).  She took our women’s plumbing series, taught by Andy Wyatt (Master Plumber).  Every week, whatever Andy taught the week before, Karin went home and did it.  Andy taught drains – Karin went home and fixed her slow-draining bathtub.  Andy taught faucets – Karin went home and fixed her leaking bathroom faucet.  Each week she’d have dirty plumbing parts in-hand, and lots of questions for Andy.  She told me her father still says she can’t do it, but now she knows she CAN!


Holly Green is a huge fan of Home Repair Resource Center. She moved into her Cleveland Heights colonial last May, and insists that her home purchase would never have been possible without HRRC’s Home Buyer classes. (read more)


George & Julia Lenzer have always worked to maintain their home. Married 44 years, they have an ongoing list of repair projects for the Cleveland Heights house that they bought as new home buyers in 1972. (read more)


Judy Polian explains that, despite owning her University Heights home for the last 36 years, she came to our Home How-To women’s repair program “a confused novice.” She had tried to learn about her home by reading, but that only confused her more. (read more)


Bruce Menapace has discovered the power of a Sawzall™. “I’ve used this tool to cut through drywall, prune branches, even take out roots in my flower bed,” the Cleveland Heights homeowner explains. (read more)


Emily Hamburg & Rob Shields read about HRRC in the Plain Dealer, visited our website, and were excited to learn that our repair workshops were open to residents of all communities. (read more)


Lucille Conde saw the announcement of HRRC’s new Senior Repair Program last summer and immediately thought, “That’s what I have been looking for!” (read more)


 Julie Newcomb (name changed at client’s request) has been a nurse for 25 years and is used to hard work. She and her late husband purchased their home in a nearby suburb back when they were both employed full-time. (read more)



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