Free Programs

FREE: Wet Basements & Your Options

April 3, 2017
7-9 pm
HRRC Teaching Center, 2520 Noble Rd

As the Spring showers prepare to come see what you can do to keep your basemant dry. The free talk will give you an in-depth look at how water gets into your basements, what your options are to prevent it, and the best money-saving tips for a better and drier basement.
Though this is one of our Free First Monday classes please register if you plan to attend.

Free First Mondays!

Mondays just got better!  The 1st Monday of every month, we offer a free program related to home repair.  It may be a class, an opportunity to talk to experts, a walk-in clinic, or something new!  Keep Mondays open – once a month – for HRRC!  Come see what we do here!

What we’ve done in the past (and may do again)…


FREE: Intro to Plaster

February 6, 2017
7-9 pm
HRRC Teaching Center, 2520 Noble Rd

Old walls are often plaster walls, and that presents a challenge when you need to make repairs.  In this one-night workshop, you’ll learn:
  • How plaster and lath walls are constructed
  • Terms and words to know when working with plaster
  • Tools and supplies needed for repairs
  • How to assess: Can this hole be repaired?
Bring your questions, bring pictures of your projects, and get expert advice on what to do.
This class is FREE and open to anybody regardless of where you live.  So take advantage this great opportunity. Registration is appreciated.

Save Money with an Energy Auditenergy audit

September 20, 2016
Program held at Shaker Heights City Hall, Council Chambers, 3400 Lee Rd (at VanAken)

Does winter bring ice dams and drafty rooms to your house? Did summer leave you sweltering upstairs, while you paid big $$ for air conditioning? This free talk from CLEAResult, Dominion East Ohio’s energy auditing contractor, will explain why an energy audit is a good first step in solving these problems. An energy audit shows you which problems to correct to make your family more comfortable, winter and summer, AND save you energy and money.

Held in conjunction with the City of Shaker Heights Planning Department.  Open to residents of ALL CITIES. 
Fee:  Free
Registration:  Yes, please!

Drop-In Repair ClinicsDrop In Repair Clinics

How does it work?

YOU bring us plumbing/electrical/water/gardening/fill-in-the-blank questions about your house. Bring pics on your phone!  Bring samples!  Bring broken stuff!

WE give you FREE advice about what to do!  Each clinic is staffed with experts in that topic.  Drop in, share your problem, leave happy!

All clinics are free!  No registration needed

Location: 2520 Noble Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH

Questions and info:  216.381.6100, ext. 16; 


Clinic Dates & Topics

Tuesday Clinics, 7-8:30 pm

Date: TBD  Walls:  plaster, drywall, wall coverings, painting

Date: TBD  Gardens & yards:  bugs, plants, lawns, diseases

Date: TBD  Got water where it ain’t supposed to be?  Basement, roof, sewer and gutter problems

Thursday Clinics, 7-8:30 pm

Date: TBD  Electrical questions

Date: TBD  Plumbing questions

Date: TBD  Wood:  siding, porches, steps, doors, window frames

Free Talks in the Community!

Examples of topics:

  • How to organize your home creatively, at Cleveland Heights Library
  • Storm Water Credits from NEORSD, at Shaker Heights City Hall
  • And more!