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Home Repair Resource Center (2012 video produced by HRRC)

Home Repair Resource Center is a nonprofit organization serving the people and houses of our community. Since it was established in 1971 as a mission outreach of Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian, the purpose of Home Repair Resource Center has been to maintain and strengthen the houses of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to support the community’s rich diversity. Our programs help residents complete repairs to their homes (both do-self and contracted), advocate for improved and sustainable housing, and renovate seriously deteriorated properties and return them to the community in excellent condition. While HRRC’s priority continues to be housing in Cleveland Heights, many of our programs are now open to residents of other communities.

Ideas: Home Repair Resource Center (2008 video produced by WVIZ PBS)

For a woman who is sole head of house, managing some home repairs can be a challenge. We’ll profile the Home How-To for Women program, a series designed to give women homeowners the confidence and experience to take charge of the maintenance needs of their homes.



“Before” and “After” Photos (repairs accomplished through HRRC’s Financial Assistance Program)