DIY Home Videos

Lessons from HRRC students completing repair projects!

Check out these empowering home videos from Tool Library members and Home Repair class students. Learn what tips they have to share as they’ve tackled projects in their own homes.

Do YOU have a home repair project to share?  We are recruiting for more education videos from our students and members. Please contact us today!

Bathroom Remodel
Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? Learn helpful tips from Catherine. She covers her experience learning details on lights, bathtub refinish, ceramic tiling, and peal and stick vinyl tile for the floor.

<– Here is Catherine’s bathroom before the remodel.

Rehabbed Home Tour!
Get creative ideas from Lee. In this video she gives a 1 hour tour of her home. She purchased a fixer-upper years ago and has been rehabbing it on a very tight budget ever since. She has clever ideas on doors, walls, floors, plumbing, and more. She gives suggestions for where to get things for free or rock-bottom cost.

Rain Barrel, Compost Bin, Raised/Standing Garden Bed
Catherine shares useful tips she learned from HRRC in her back yard. She shows the rain barrel she made, the compost bin most useful to her, and a garden bed she constructed that doesn’t require bending over to manage. Get some ideas from Catherine!