Choosing a New Exterior Door

Choosing a New Exterior Door

Should you choose wood, fiberglass, or steel for your replacement door?  Let’s talk about the pros and cons of each, and then you can decide for yourself.

Wooden doors have been around since doors were invented. No doubt, the door you are replacing is wood.  Think about why you need to replace it.  Has it come unglued?  Does it swell up and stick during certain seasons?  Does cold air leak in around the edges, no matter how well you insulate it?  All these common problems, along with a certain lack of strength/security, are the less desirable qualities of a wooden door.  Nevertheless, people have made wood their primary choice for generations, not only because wood has a high weight-to-strength ratio, but also because wood, a natural product, brings a warmth to the entry of your home that no other material has yet matched.  This psychological aspect should not be ignored.

Fiberglass doors are better insulated than wood doors, and have much the same kind of weatherstripping.  They can be grained and stained to look like wood, but are lighter in weight.  Fiberglass doors are less likely to absorb moisture, so they will not rot, swell, or bow.

With recent improvements in steel door technology, however, some people are choosing the practical advantages of metal.

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