Improving Home Security

Improving Home Security

There are many elements that contribute to home security.  Some – like alarm systems –  can be expensive.  Security doors can create a sense of living in an armed camp, instead of a neighborhood.  They may even foster a false sense of security – windows, especially those at the rear of a house, can be equally vulnerable as doors.  On the other hand, there are many strategies that can increase your safety without compromising the attractiveness of your home  or emptying your pocketbook.


Visibility is your first defense against intruders.  You might consider connecting an exterior light to a motion sensor.  At a minimum, switch on exterior lights in the front and back of your home – and at least one light on the inside – whenever you leave the house.  If your house is hidden by bushes, cut them back.  Landscape lighting can beautify your home’s exterior while adding security.

Doors and Windows:

The composition and design of your exterior doors affects how well they protect against intruders.  A hollow wood door is most susceptible; a door with a solid wood core or one made  of metal is much more resistant.  Windows in an exterior entry door, or next to it, should be sized and located so that access to the door lock cannot be gained by breaking the glass.

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