Home How-To for Women: Carpentry & Interior Repairs

Home How-To for Women: Carpentry & Interior Repairs

Wednesday. October 11th 7PM

2520 Noble Rd. Cleveland Heights 

This popular 6-class series will teach you all about your home’s walls, floors, windows, doors, and tiled surfaces. You’ll learn how walls are constructed by building your own wall, learning to use power tools to cut lumber and using screws and nails to build it. Your wall follows you through class, as you learn how to

  • hang drywall on it
  • prep and paint it
  • lay tile on it
  • put flooring on it
  • cut and attach moulding to it 
  • and much more 

You’ll also learn about flooring materials, and how to make common repairs to windows and screens.  It’s a lot to cover in six weeks, but it’s the most fun you’ll have learning about your house!

Fee: $150

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