Home Repair Resource Center empowers homeowners to maintain their homes for sustainable and diverse communities.

Home Repair Resource Center’s mission is accomplished through a creative mix of self-help programs that include financial assistance, education and skills training to enable homeowners — particularly homeowners of low or moderate income — to accomplish repairs on a contracted or do-it-yourself basis. Home Repair Resource Center also addresses its mission through involvement in special projects and community issues that affect the condition and sustainability of our community’s older housing.

Home Repair Resource Center’s innovative programs successfully address the housing challenges of our community and support its rich diversity. As the premier resource for our homes and residents, HRRC is a respected and vital organization whose creative approaches to preserving housing serve as a national model for older, first ring suburbs.


  • To guarantee bank loans for homeowners who need assistance in qualifying for financing and to provide financial help to homeowners of low and moderate income, so that homes are repaired in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • To provide tools, instruction, and other resources that will enable homeowners to repair and maintain their own homes economically.
  • To promote community recognition of the need to preserve, maintain, and upgrade the community’s older housing, so that it remains competitive.
  • To strengthen the financial management skills of homeowners,so they will be able to understand budgeting and credit, borrow funds to purchase and/or maintain a home, and serve as responsible members of the community.
  • To combat the impact of seriously deteriorated foreclosed properties by purchase/renovation projects that demonstrates both quality rehabilitation and updated design.
  • To address forces which negatively impact the maintenance of the community’s housing stock, through education, advocacy and programming.


Empowerment. By this we mean…

  • We promote self-determination and believe in the ability of individuals to make the best decisions for themselves, given appropriate information.
  • We educate our clients, helping them build their knowledge base and skill level.
  • We work to increase the capacity of our clients to succeed and have hope for the future.

Respect. By this we mean…

  • We treat our clients and each other with dignity.
  • We appreciate the history, time and place of the community in which we live and work.
  • We cherish diversity and actively promote a sense of inclusiveness.

Community. By this we mean…

  • We believe in investing in and preserving our neighborhoods.
  • We contribute to building an improved quality of life in our community.
  • We engage residents in maintaining their homes and neighborhoods.

Advocacy/Activism. By this we mean…

  • We work to eliminate practices that harm homeowners, neighborhoods and communities.
  • We work to enable all families in our community to have safe, decent housing.
  • We encourage residents’ participation to promote improved housing legislation.

Integrity. By this we mean…

  • We hold ourselves and our clients to high standards of ethical behavior.
  • We strive for excellence in all that we do.
  • We approach our work with passion and energy.

Collaboration. By this we mean…

  • We work in partnership with lenders, clients, donors, city government and other community organizations to achieve our mission.
  • We involve volunteers and community organizations in special projects to improve our community’s housing.
  • Board and staff work as a team to implement strategies to achieve our goals.