Home Repair Resource Center

Home Repair Resource Center is a nonprofit organization in Cleveland Heights, OH. We strive to empower residents with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain their homes for sustainable & diverse communities.

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Free Monday: Insulating and Weatherizing your Home

Monday, September 25th2520 Noble Rd. Cleveland Heights Winter will be here soon, so learn how to caulk, weatherstrip and insulate the right way. Also, see how to add weatherstripping to doors, and some other helpful tips to keep your home warm this winter.  Experts from Berry Insulation will be here to...
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Home How-To for Women: Carpentry & Interior Repairs

Wednesday. October 11th 7PM 2520 Noble Rd. Cleveland Heights  This popular 6-class series will teach you all about your home's walls, floors, windows, doors, and tiled surfaces. You'll learn how walls are constructed by building your own wall, learning to use power tools to cut lumber and using screws and nails...
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October Home Buyer Education Series starts Tuesday October 3rd

A 4-week, in-depth series for those who are thinking about buying a home. In this series you will learn all there is to learn about: mortgages, refinancing, down payment costs, insurance, improving credit, and much more. Our licensed loan counselor will lead you through the maze and confusion of purchasing...
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