Financial Assistance Programs

If you can’t afford home repairs, and you are a homeowner in Cuyahoga County, HRRC may be able to help. We can guide you through a number of options. In addition to the below programs, we have information on community resources such as County HELP and Historic Preservation Loans (low interest-rate programs for conventional borrowers.)  Be sure to Contact Us to find out what you might qualify for.

Shaker Heights
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Buckeye-Woodhill neighborhood in Cleveland
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Cleveland Heights and Cuyahoga County
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Assist Incentive Grant
Up to $1,500 for Cleveland Heights homeowners at 80% median income. Repairs include roof replacement, heating system, footer drains, full exterior paint and masonry tear down / rebuild.

Deferred Loan Match
Deferred loan for Cleveland Heights homeowners for half of the cost of roof replacement, heating system, full exterior paint and masonry tear down/rebuild, footer drains, storm or sanitary sewer, or heating system; 0% interest; no monthly payment; loan secured by mortgage. Maximum of $5,000.

Senior Grants
For Cleveland Heights homeowners who are 62 years or older. $1,500 grant that is used with our other financial assistance programs that can be used towards the replacement of a roof or furnace.

Senior Home Stability Grant
Pays half of the cost of a repair up to $1,000 for Cleveland Heights homeowners. For repairs that positively impact upon the health and safety of seniors. HUD Guidelines apply.


Exterior Maintenance Grant
Up to $2,500 per property toward repair cost of ONLY exterior code violations cited by the Shaker Heights Building and Housing Department. 

Free Paint Voucher
To acquire paint and supplies required to correct exterior scrape and paint violations cited by the Shaker Heights Building and Housing Department.

Senior Safety Grant
Up to $500 to address immediate health and safety improvements in your home.  Projects can include bathroom repair, roof repair, accessibility modifications, plumbing repairs, and more. Shaker Heights homeowners must be 62 years old or older to qualify.

Repair Incentive Grant
Up to $1,500 per property to reduce the cost of a necessary home repair project for Shaker Heights homeowners. No cosmetic repair projects will be approved.


Buckeye Area Senior Incentive Grant (BASIG).
This program is designed to assist for homeowners age 62 or older, or totally and permanently disabled with important home repairs.  Maximum grant amount is $2,000; Awarded amount depends on scope of repair project and total household income.


Cuyahoga County Grant Program
Residents who live in Cuyahoga County Districts 8, 9, or 10 are eligible for up to $5,000. Grant is on a first come first serve basis and homeowner must contribute 10% of the total project cost or the overage above the grant ceiling is required, whichever is greater. Income eligibility goes up to 300% below poverty level.

Key Cares Loan Program
Financing for homeowners who do not qualify for bank loans due to creditworthiness and/or equity. This is an unsecured product financed through Key Bank and requires financial counseling, project management, referral letter and privacy policy from HRRC. Repairs can include garages and driveways, but no cosmetic repairs. No income restrictions.

COVID-19 Assistance
To meet the needs of those impacted by the pandemic in our community, HRRC is expanding our housing counseling services to homeowners and renters alike. This includes:

  • remote assistance
  • mortgage/foreclosure delinquency
  • rental assistance
  • utility service resources
  • home repair referrals and technical assistance
  • financial coaching and planning

For more information contact our office at (216) 381-6100 and please leave a message. Or contact our Housing and Financial Counselor, Denise Wallace, at (216) 381-6100 ext. 14 or at

If any of these programs sound as if they might help you, complete the form below or contact:

David Brock
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Wesley B Walker
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Carolyn Ostrom
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